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Fairies At Bedtime

17 Jan

Maybe this is a fantastic book – I could not say. The early NetGalley version that I reviewed was so poorly formatted with the text that attempting to read it made my head hurt and I had to give up, grab a drink and read something else. Good luck to others….


Surprising Lord Jack

17 Jan

Sally MacKenzie writes fun & engaging Regency Romance novels. “Surprising Lord Jack” is another in her successful career – I especially liked his mother, Venus, who cannot help herself from playing matchmaker. In a story of hidden identities, true love wins out. Because – of course. Still, fun to read and an interesting hero.



The Importance of Being Wicked

17 Jan

I’m a big fan of Regency Romances – when done well, it can be both a fun and moving romp thru a corseted time …

The Importance of Being Wicked delivers – well written, engaging male & female characters and a good experience overall.