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Lover Be Mine: A Legendary Lovers Novel

26 Mar

The second book in a Regency Romance series with a nice hook – each pair of lovers finds their own path to true love, along the lines of a legendary romance. This one is modeled after Romeo & Juliet, with two lovers fighting to be together despite a long-standing family feud. Lord Jack is a great character with some depth and charm, and a scandalous reputation. Sophie Fortin has long expected that she will have to marry for money to help out her family, and thus resists Lord Jack – as much as she can.  In good Regency Romance fashion, house parties ensue, with clandestine moments of passionate wooing, some minor obstacles overcome, and a happy ending for all.  (literally…)  The series is enjoyable and delivers on expectations for novels of this kind.


The Ghosts of Belfast

24 Mar

Set in Ireland just after the Troubles, Gerry Fegan is a complex hero character. Once a foot soldier assassin fighting for Ireland, now he is simply trying to protect those he loves from the conspiracies that haunt him. But, having once lost everything, he now has nothing left to lose, shocking everyone who tries to dissuade him from his path. This, along with Collusion, is a compelling action & character driven story that was hard to put down.

Andre Norton – The Defiant Agents

24 Mar

Love everything Andre Norton has written – not sure if it is my 13 year old self re-surfacing – when I read every Andre Norton book on the shelf at my public library – but I am so enjoying going back thru the catalog of her titles – they completely stand the test of time, providing complex characters, humans out in the universe, ESP with other creatures – everything one could want in a sci fi fantasy universe. Read everything she’s written… and share with every tween/teen in your life. 🙂

The Alteration

24 Mar

This book, written by Kingsley Amis in 1976, is a deeply thought provoking alternative universe story. Like “His Dark Materials,” this book imagines a world where the Catholic Church reigns supreme, science is heresy, and everything in society is in service to the Church. The “alteration” of the title is the proposed castration of the young male singer – and the steampunk quality of this story is riveting – coming back to me over the days since I read it. Highly recommend especially for fans of sci fi/fantasy.

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Bunny Battles

24 Mar

I don’t really get this – written by an 8 year old…? I had my 16 year old son read it who opined – his 8 year old self would have thought this book was very funny. As is, I think it’s about 20 pages of about 2 paragraphs each – no art. Not sure of the appeal, but feel free to take the word of the 8 year old x2.

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24 Mar

I gather I am late to this party but man! I love this first book in the series and am all set to read all the way through. Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones… Totally recommend, especially for the readers of YA fantasy/action adventure.


Key Death – A Nicholas Colt Thriller

19 Mar

I enjoyed this fast-paced thriller, which I gather is part of a series. Interesting characters, quirky hero. I can’t say that the murder mystery part of it was the most innovative thing I’ve ever read – I could feel the deus ex machina at work as things got resolved.