Under the Empyrean Sky – Hunger Games Meets The Heartland

14 Jun

Loved the unique take on the dystopian future – the “Heartland” is now a seething mass of corn crossed with kudzu, and the land is too toxic to grow anything else. The rich are all in their flotillas in the sky as the people in the Heartland are left to scavenge for survival. Tumors abound, the pollen storms are poisonous and young couples become “Obligated” to each other when they turn 18. Cael, our hero, and his friends and family struggle under this scenario, getting by until things get nasty.  The first in a trilogy – this book set up the characters, their world and the plot, and got me so hooked that I was jonsing for the second book as I reached the ending of this first one. Really interesting, fast paced, well written – fun YA read!

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