World War Z – the book

18 Jul

Ok, I get that I’m late to this zombie party, but I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie.  Someone explained to me that the author (the son of Mel Brooks, btw) had written a zombie survival guide first, and was then told to go back and write the “story” of that. This book (and I still haven’t seen the movie) is written as a series of interviews conducted post WWZ by an anonymous interviewer.  Subject by subject, the history of WWZ is revealed through their interviews.  Some really interesting concepts, and additions to the lore of zombie fighting (like Isaac Asimov’s iconic I Robot influencing robot theory), but after a while, I was desperate for a character that continued throughout the whole book.  Who, I wonder, does Brad Pitt play in the movie, as there isn’t one single central character that carries the narrative.  When I got to the section about how an enclave of Claremont College students fought off thousands of zombies by defending Scripps College, I had to go wikipedia the author, because only people who go to the Claremont Colleges would include that…and of course he is a Pitzer alum. The way this book was written felt very…male. Lots of information about tactics and weapons, but because we never see any character again after their interview (ok, not true, one character shows up in someone else’s interview), it didn’t have any emotional staying power, or provide any reason, other than general curiosity, to keep going.

So now I’m going to see the movie to see if it does it better…different.  Still worth the read, especially if you are a zombie genre fan.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War


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