Archive | February, 2014

Reese Ryan’s latest

1 Feb

Love Me Not is a modern love story, with very human and flawed lovers. Addictions, family dysfunction, a complex and relatable heroine…not your run of the mill romance novel.  Well written. Recommend


Fireside Inn

1 Feb

A novella in a series about billionaires who find their one true love on a special island…A novella doesn’t give you much time to develop characters so this felt superficial, although some might argue romance novels are trivial by definition. Not necessarily so – but this one felt like eating a bag of Cheetos – ok while you are doing it but not much in the way of substance.

Heart of Stone – Gargoyles as Guardians

1 Feb

Entertaining and clever – really enjoyed the notion of the stone Guardians and the relationship between Ella and Kees. Well-written, good dialogue.  Nice set up for an on-going series. Recommend.

The Midnight Side: Murder & Lucid Dreams

1 Feb

An interesting spin on a murder mystery, with cousins linked via their lucid dreams. I enjoyed reading it, but in retrospect, felt that none of the characters’ motivations were clear – a plot twist at the end left me wondering who all these people really were. So, while a decent read, I found myself dissatisfied, and not really liking any of the central characters. A toss-up…