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How We Learn: The Surprising Truth

22 Oct

An engaging, informative and often surprising explanation of how the brain works and how we learn. From why forgetting is important, to how memories are retrieved and stored, Benedict Carey’s new book is completely accessible to all.  I’ve found myself sharing tidbits of information from his book throughout my conversations. Students (and parents!) will find the secret to studying for tests in his chart regarding optimal study times based on how far away a test is. I immediately sent it to my kids!

It is always enjoyable when someone with a flair for language does the work of digging thru research and then summarizes it for you. Definitely a worthwhile read for with any interest in how and why we learn.


The Lost Empress: A Jeffrey Tayte Genealogical Mystery

15 Oct

Who can resist the thrill of a genealogical mystery? I haven’t read any of the other books featuring Jeffrey Tayte, but found this one very enjoyable. Nice combination of looking back thru history to unravel an old mystery, layered with a real time mystery, and Jeffrey’s own back story & personal life.  Characters are well developed, the history is detailed and brought to life, and the mystery elements were entertaining.  Definitely will read more in this series and recommend, especially for fans of 🙂

Lost Empress

Tibetan Cross by the Master of the Existential Thriller

3 Oct

Initially, I struggled with the flow of this book but finally surrendered to the style and wound up really enjoying the book. Tibetan Cross is less about Tibet and certainly not about any object – more about how the CIA functions in the world. Tense thriller, enormous attention to detail and place, hugely evocative POV from the protagonist. Some parts of the book were so intense that I could not read every word but skimmed along, like the literary equivalent of peeking at the film thru your hand…

I’m going to seek out and read other books by Mike Bond. Would definitely recommend this to fans of thrillers.

Unbreakable: The Legion Book 1

3 Oct

The first in a new series by the author of Beautiful Creatures, Unbreakable is a great YA book – filled with atmosphere, magic, demons and teen angst. Fast paced, gripping, interesting details. The only part I didn’t like was her internal dialogue about whether she belongs…a little like the Twilight breast beating and wailing…Would be interested to hear how folks actually in the YA demo feel about that. Definitely engaging.