The “Wool” series by Hugh Howie – Lives Up To the Hype

23 Jul

I recently signed up for Kindle Unlimited and during the free 30 day trial, found myself thinking there wasn’t much in the back catalog titles that seemed to make it worthwhile to pay $10/month. But Amazon knows all, as scary as that is, and presented me with a spotlight on Hugh Howie – famous as a self-published ebook author who got discovered and who is the poster child for that pathway.
I downloaded the 5 part series that makes up the book Wool and instantly understand why Hugh Howie receives so much acclaim. The man can write! The characters are memorable and strong.
The story is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where everyone lives in a giant “silo” buried in the ground. We are dropped into this world initially through the character of the Sheriff and then through others. As the richly imagined world comes to life, the action intensifies, turning this into one of those books that you can’t bear to put down.
I’m a total convert – have now downloaded the next two books and can’t wait to dive in.



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