Amelia Grey’s Latest of the Heirs Club Series

3 Aug

The latest in the series “The Earl Claims a Bride” gets a mixed review. There are some interesting elements, like the heroine’s painting skills and the aftermath of a soldier’s disfigurement but the book otherwise follows the Regency template, with little action or real drama.  Maybe I’ve OD’d on Regency romances of late, or have read too much of Cosby’s testimony about his “romantic” encounters but I found myself really struck by the recurring theme that somehow the Earl was not going to be able to restrain himself sexually. There are even lines like “She didn’t believe him, but he was truthful when he said her eyes were asking him to do it…His body kept urging him to do much more, and thankfully he had restrained himself.” I know we are meant to pretend that the story is taking place in a different time, but this is an old trope and and easy writing cheat. The more successful stories give the woman agency, and the man respects it.  Here, the characters remain two-dimensional. An adequate story but with so many better books, not one that I can recommend.



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