Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes: Life After Motherhood

21 Aug

A 40+ year old professor who has a daughter from an early sexual encounter discovers that she can be both a mom and a lover – with a man ten years younger. Ally is an interesting character and the story is told in flashbacks to her first romantic weekend with a younger man – a student in her classes – and then when the same man re-enters her life, as a famous actor who is working with Ally’s daughter. The characters are robust and different, with fully fleshed out supporting characters. The daughter is feisty and the relationship between mother & daughter felt very real.
A little bit of a fantasy in that Ally has not had many sexual relationships so stumbling into this relationship with a most considerate and loving, rich, gorgeous actor with “a perfect penis” (yes, that is how he is described) feels a little unreal. Kind of Princess Diary for middle-aged women, but the journey was fun, and I enjoyed the personalities of the characters.


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