The Brigadier’s Runaway Bride: Lackluster Regency Novel

21 Aug

I did not enjoy this book primarily because NOTHING happens. Any drama happened before the book starts (the heroine goes off on her own to spend the night in Bruges with her soldier fiancee; he is injured and has to struggle to make his way back) but the only thing that drives the book forward is the internal, misguided debate that each one has over whether they should resume their intimate relationship. She feels like she can’t until her post twin pregnancy body is back in shape, and he doesn’t because…I’m not sure why. A couple of sex scenes and then we’re done. The whole book – not one single plot point, not one real obstacle, just lots of hand-wringing fretting. Ugh. I found myself just quickly flipping thru pages, checking to see if there was any action or, in fact, any real dialogue. Nope. The title is totally mis-leading – she didn’t run away. In fact, I don’t even know how she got back to England from her one night tryst. Maybe the other books in the series have more action and I would read one more – but if it’s like this with no plot and no development and characters I couldn’t care about, then I’m done.


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