Don’t Judge a Book by Its Title: A Hoarse Half-Human Cheer

3 Sep

Feeling like I found this in a hard-boiled mystery “pulp fiction” from the 50’s – the quirky characters (from sexy dames, to bloviating mobsters to ex-soldier priests) and off-beat plot (a Catholic school expands too quickly, finding itself in bed with the mafia) have a slightly old-fashioned quality, as if it had all been written by an uncle of Carl Hiaissen who served in WWII…
The story contained lots of interesting characters and a fully realized world set in a post WWII New Jersey. However, I struggled with the one strong female character, who – for no good reason – slept with any and all takers. Her character is never explained, but just presented as if that is naturally what sexy (and smart) women do.
Mildly entertaining but overall, dated…I could see recommending this to my dad to read.



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