‘The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster’ Lacks Luster

23 Sep

Delightful time travel concept, quirky characters, magic, mystery, murder…and yet not a delight. I never connected with the characters but the biggest issue was the overwrought writing. Writing that was so conscious of itself that it was jarring. For example: as the evil villain bursts in, dragging a knife across the kitchen counter, it is described as “creating a chilling sound reminiscent of a pair of charged socks being pulled apart.”
What? I mean WTH??
Or another – as the protagonist, Annie, is confronting her assailant: “allowing malice to etch her features one more time, and shuddering in revulsion…”
What? WTF??
The concept is engaging but ultimately the writing style was so over the top that I can’t recommend this book.



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