Circle of Evil Series – Kylie Brant

2 Oct

Readers who are familiar with Ms. Brant’s romance writing will discover she “has a dark side” with this trilogy. While there is a romantic relationship between profiler Sophia and investigator Cam, the action in the books is driven by three criminals working together. I read the books one after another, which seems like the best way to do it, as the crimes and criminals are all connected. It would be frustrating to only read one, or to read them out of order.
The books work as procedurals – we see the cops digging into the details of the investigation – and the psychological aspects are intriguing, as revealed both by Sophia’s thinking and narrative from the POV of the criminals.
I felt like the first book was the most suspenseful, but that could be because once I was into the second, I understood that the main characters would prevail regardless of the circumstances. Then, it became more about seeing the events unfold from the unique perspective of the different criminal minds.
I would recommend – especially if you are able to read them sequentially.





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