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Jane Ashford Classics

30 Jul

This two-title book contains First Season and Bride to Be.

Both feel a little dated but sweet – like reading Georgette Heyer. The author is accomplished and tells interesting and different stories. Reading these two back-to-back inspired me to hunt down additional Jane Ashford Regencies.

While these books were originally published decades ago (1984 for First Season?), the stories and characters are so well developed that the writing holds up for today.

I enjoyed the Bride to Be a bit more than First Season, as I loved the heroine’s avant garde and chaotic family, and how different that made her from the stereotype of a Regency romance character.

Highly enjoyable – great introduction to Jane Ashford for new readers, and a fun look back for existing fans. I love the difference in cover art over the years – see below for the current cover and the older ones.


first season