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I’m all in with Rebecca Zanetti

11 Jul

Rebecca Zanetti is turning into my favorite “go-to” author. I want to read anything and everything she writes because I know I’ll get rich, fully fleshed out (yes, kind of a pun) characters, great world-building and nicely plotted action. Sure, the hot sex and demon/vampire/witches/werebears are nice elements but what really counts is that Rebecca can write.

So every chance I get, every Wicked Kiss or Wicked Bite or more, I’m in. You will be too.

This is an honest review provided in exchange for an Advanced Reader’s Copy of the two books mentioned above. Go get ’em.



A Taste…by Sorcha Grace

26 Apr

A Taste of You: The Epicurean Book 1 by Sorcha Grace is clearly looking to follow in the <ahem> footprints of Fifty Shades, and makes a good start but then falls apart. The central female character is interesting, but William felt like a not very developed brother to Mr. Fifty Shades. The food/eating angle is fun – but William’s relationship to food isn’t well established. Overall, the plot is as weak as the plot from its role model book, and ends with a whimper as it rolls into what will be the sequel. It isn’t enough to write about graphic sex – as a reader, I still want to be interested in the characters and their challenges – otherwise, just print the sexy pages and let’s move on 🙂