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Sisters of the Craft

10 Jul

Lori Handeland’s new series, Sisters of the Craft, features triplet sisters, born 400 years ago in Scotland, who are hurled into the future as babies to escape an evil foe. The three books In the Air Tonight, Heat of the Moment and Smoke on the Water tell the story of each of the sisters as they ultimately find each other, find true love and find their magic. Refreshing contemporary romance, interesting take on magical powers, time travel, shapeshifters and ghosts. All three were enjoyable, with a focus on one sister per book, but as they are all brought together, you get to enjoy characters from the prior books. Enjoyable – recommend!



The Hidden and the Maiden: Paranormal Thriller

10 Jul

The initial chapters of this first book by author Eben Mishkin were a bit of a struggle as I tried to get my bearings in the story and with the different characters introduced. As more of the world and the plot were revealed, I found myself deeply engaged in the rich mythology, complex characters and tension-inducing pace. I noticed a few other reviewers had the same experience so readers should definitely persevere. The world and the back-story are so deep that I’m hoping that this is the first of a series set here, as I’d definitely come back! The writing felt fresh, the story was unique and the characters were intriguing and novel. Thumbs up!!

Far Far Away

26 May

Loved this book by acclaimed author Tom McNeal – where Jeremy Johnson Johnson is the only one who can hear ghost Jacob Grimm – one of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales brothers. Lyrical, tense, funny, with beautifully drawn characters. The erudite ghostly presence of Jacob, juxtaposes with the modern teens,¬†feisty & wise Ginger and determined Jeremy.¬† Even the ancillary characters come to life – this should be Lionsgate/Summit’s next teen blockbuster. Vivid, personal, tense and ultimately triumphant, with seductive language that reminds us why Grimm’s tales have lasted this long. Lovely. Highly recommend.