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Innovative Publishing Co ‘Book In A Box’ Enables Everyone to be an Author

26 Oct

The publishing business is fraught with dysfunction, and the old way of doing business is being disrupted on all sides. Now, published author and infamous “bad boy” Tucker Max (most notably, the author & producer of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” book & movie) has founded Book in a Box – a company that helps people author & publish their own books. Most effective in the context of non-fiction, the company is an efficient pathway for those who have wisdom to share, specific goals for their book (e.g., increase visibility, become a thought leader, drive business, etc.) and about $15k to spend on the process.

What I have seen from my experience with the publishing business as a whole, and authors specifically, is that most fail to answer the most basic questions: who will read this book and what value will it provide to them? Both the creation of the book and the marketing that should go along with that are based on these fundamentals.

Following their own advice, the founders have published ‘The Book in a Box Method’ giving aspiring authors the complete process. You can do this on your own, but if that seems overwhelming, you can work with BIAB, their writers and editors, designers and marketers, and get a book published. The book is available for free download from their site (Amazon sells the Kindle version for $2.99).

Putting a pin in whatever feelings you may have about Tucker Max based on his previous books & persona, this process – whether done directly or via their company – is a very clear, step by step way to accomplish the often insurmountable task of facing a blank page and pushing through to write a book. As the BIAB Method says “nothing is good until its finished.”

The thinking behind the process, book and the company is smart and relevant. The writing itself is clear (they followed their own advice) and is useful not only to those thinking of taking this path, but also for anyone looking for overall writing (and content creation of any type) advice. Recommended.