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The Undays of Aralias Lyons: Steampunk, Time Travel, Magical Creatures

24 Oct

There is A LOT going on in this first novel from author K.L. Horvath. When the book opens, you are dropped into this Victorian steampunk world, with characters that can time travel, and the creatures that are after them. I kept feeling like I’d missed the first two books that would have set this up – but this is the first book in the series. There are multiple characters and creatures and rules of time travel – worthy of Harry Potter several books in!
Overall, I’d rate this a 3.5 star book – really interesting concepts but some issues with the pacing. At times the dialog goes on and on, while the action sequences whiz by – a function, perhaps, of a first novel. If this were adapted to a film script, the first job of the screenwriter would be to figure out how to streamline all the moving parts.
Definitely worth reading but be prepared for a bit of bumpy-ness. Excited by the author’s imagination, and eager to see what comes next.


“A Study in Silks” – Steampunk Meets Regency Meets Sherlock Holmes

11 Jun

I have to say, the title of this book fails to convey the delicious mash-up of genres that delivers a compelling world, characters and story! I thought it would be another Regency romance – which it is, a bit. Then it quickly became clear we were in the alternate reality that is Steampunk, with a fabulous heroine who is not only Sherlock Holmes’ niece, but grew up in a circus, and has magical abilities. If that all sounds weird, it isn’t.  Nicely written, fast paced, interesting characters all set against the politics of a world driven by the “steam barons” who control who has access to power – literally. Super enjoyed this – can’t wait for the rest of the series!  Highly recommend!