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All Our Wrong Todays

7 Jan

This sci fi futuristic novel posed a lot of interesting questions – think time travel, alternative universes and existentialism. This debut novel is witty and engaging, a treat even for those who ordinarily recoil at the thought of reading science fiction.

“Time travel is very bad at fixing mistakes. What it’s very good at is creating even worse mistakes.”

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


The Undays of Aralias Lyons: Steampunk, Time Travel, Magical Creatures

24 Oct

There is A LOT going on in this first novel from author K.L. Horvath. When the book opens, you are dropped into this Victorian steampunk world, with characters that can time travel, and the creatures that are after them. I kept feeling like I’d missed the first two books that would have set this up – but this is the first book in the series. There are multiple characters and creatures and rules of time travel – worthy of Harry Potter several books in!
Overall, I’d rate this a 3.5 star book – really interesting concepts but some issues with the pacing. At times the dialog goes on and on, while the action sequences whiz by – a function, perhaps, of a first novel. If this were adapted to a film script, the first job of the screenwriter would be to figure out how to streamline all the moving parts.
Definitely worth reading but be prepared for a bit of bumpy-ness. Excited by the author’s imagination, and eager to see what comes next.

‘The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster’ Lacks Luster

23 Sep

Delightful time travel concept, quirky characters, magic, mystery, murder…and yet not a delight. I never connected with the characters but the biggest issue was the overwrought writing. Writing that was so conscious of itself that it was jarring. For example: as the evil villain bursts in, dragging a knife across the kitchen counter, it is described as “creating a chilling sound reminiscent of a pair of charged socks being pulled apart.”
What? I mean WTH??
Or another – as the protagonist, Annie, is confronting her assailant: “allowing malice to etch her features one more time, and shuddering in revulsion…”
What? WTF??
The concept is engaging but ultimately the writing style was so over the top that I can’t recommend this book.


Sisters of the Craft

10 Jul

Lori Handeland’s new series, Sisters of the Craft, features triplet sisters, born 400 years ago in Scotland, who are hurled into the future as babies to escape an evil foe. The three books In the Air Tonight, Heat of the Moment and Smoke on the Water tell the story of each of the sisters as they ultimately find each other, find true love and find their magic. Refreshing contemporary romance, interesting take on magical powers, time travel, shapeshifters and ghosts. All three were enjoyable, with a focus on one sister per book, but as they are all brought together, you get to enjoy characters from the prior books. Enjoyable – recommend!


The Collector of Dying Breaths

25 Jan

The connection between alchemy and perfume and the connection between doomed lovers across multiple life times comes to a head in the latest novel by M.J. Rose. Beautifully detailed as the story goes back and forth between 16th century Europe and modern times, I felt an emotional detachment from the characters. While the plot drives this novel, I was not invested in the outcome.  I could see this as the script for a Da Vinci Code type of movie, waiting for some actors to invest these characters with some warmth. Well written, but ultimately not engaging.

W.A.R.P. The Reluctant Assassin – new book by author of Artemis Fowl

15 May

Eoin Colfer is the author of the acclaimed YA series Artemis Fowl. This new book (which I assume is the first in a series) combines Victorian England, time travel and mystery. Fans of Artemis Fowl will enjoy the smart sassy characters, Riley the Victorian era orphan, and Chevron, the modern 19 year old FBI agent, as they struggle to out-wit and escape the clutches of Garrick. High energy, engaging story line. Recommend!

Ripped! A back-in-time, Jack the RIpper, YA Novel

10 Apr

This diverting novel hurls a modern teenage girl back to Jack the Ripper’s London, desperate to save his victims from their gruesome deaths, while falling in love with Cockney Toby and noticing how JK Rowling’s Diagon Alley was inspired by London’s Diagonal Alley…yes – all of those things at once. So while the tone is a bit uneven, the characters are fun, and the many, many references to the differences in the lives of a 21st C teen girl, and that of her Victorian counterpart, are informative. A good book for a historically minded, mystery loving 14 year old…