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Cozy Mystery in Salem: Look Both Ways

24 Oct

A friendly cozy mystery featuring a modern day reluctant “witch” who can see things in shiny objects. Nicely plotted, engaging and warm characters, this third book in a series works perfectly for those who like their mysteries without blood, gore or suspense. The cat character is a hoot. Fun series and worth the read.


Magical Creatures and Regency Manners: Sorcerer to the Crown

14 Aug

Lovely combination of a magical culture set within Regency England. From stuffy men’s clubs to Malaysian vampires, racism (the two protagonists are people of color), sexism (upper class women are too delicate to handle magic – not!) and politics, this was a fun mash-up of Regency manners with magic. Much like a steam punk world, magic is simply part of the infrastructure, with Zacharias Wythe, Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers Society charged with keeping England’s magic flowing. Zacharias, a freed slave, finds unexpected help from Prunella Gentleman, a teacher at a school for girls, with boundless ambition to use her magic.
Some reviewers mention struggling initially with the Regency tone & language – versed as I am in that medium 😉 I did not.
The book is titled #1 so one would assume there will be additional titles in the series. I look forward to reading them!

The Hawley Book of the Dead – the next “All Souls”?

18 Sep

Just by coincidence, I went from reading the third book in Deb Harkness’ All Souls Triology, the Book of Life, to reading this first book in a new four part series.  Very different take, but some interesting similarities – witches, a grimoire, New England…

I found the descriptions very evocative, liked the sense of place and people that was created, and enjoyed the combination of “real” magic with Las Vegas magic. More a mystery than adventure, with the protagonist, Revelation, more of an observer than a participant. I liked the characters of her daughters, and hope that the additional books delve deeper into their personalities and magical powers.

Good read – recommend.


The All Souls Triology Comes to an End

18 Sep

First of all, let me say that I am a huge fan of Deb Harkness and the first two books in the series.  So I was quite excited to read the third book. I plunged in…and found myself wandering and wondering – Who are all these people? What is happening? Why is there so much talking and so little action?  I blamed myself, thinking I should have re-read the first two books so that I could seamlessly pick up the threads (kind of a pun). I persevered, remembering most of the characters, but still felt like I was reading A LOT of talking. The vivid descriptions of place, character and tension that made the first two books such a delight to read are largely gone. What little action there is feels like forced resolution of conflict, over & done in a few pages. No tension builds at all. The antagonist Benjamin has no motivation other than being evil. Diana’s revelation is that she stops being afraid. If each of these three books ends up as separate movies, this one will feel like a let down. It’s like the part in Harry Potter where they just wander around the woods for half the book.

If you are already a fan of the All Souls Trilogy, then of course you’ll want to read this book. Please do and I hope you enjoy it. I love the world that Deb has created, and I want to go back there – but I want more energy, more action, more tension, more substance. Someone suggested a Gallowglass book – yes, please! Write more! Still a fan.Book Of Life